How To Connect iMediaShare to TV (LG/Sony/Samsung)?

Everyone in the world right now is using the iMediaShare App to playing media in whichever device they want whether at home or outside while traveling. The features and perks of using this app have led to the demand for it. However, many people get confused when it comes to using this app iMediaShare to TV.

Hence, through this article, an individual will understand how to use it to connect to television whether one is using an Android or iOS phone. Let’s start with Android devices!

Steps To Connect iMediaShare to TV With Android Devices

Following the steps below you can easily connect and watch videos or listen to audio files on your TV. So, without further delay take a look at it!

#1 Step: In this first step, a person would require downloading this app on his/her Android phone. To do this, one can simply go to Google Play Store and search for iMediaShare. After opening the app page click on install.

#2 Step: Click on the app icon on your phone and open it. It takes a few seconds sometimes to gather all media which is stored in one’s phone or files which are to be taken from the internet for making it easily accessible to a person.

#3 Step: All content is found on one’s phone screen which helps in choosing easily. From videos to music and photos, just click on a channel or category to start playing it.

Connect iMediaShare to TV LG Sony Samsung

#4 Step: After selecting the category, it will display everything which is available under it. So you can just scroll and choose whatever you would like.

#5 Step: In this step, one simply needs to wait while this app searches for all iMediaShare to TV devices on which it can play the media file which one chooses to watch.

#6 Step: When you start enjoying the HD video on your TV, this app turns your phone into a remote control for your TV for the ultimate experience.

Steps To Connect iMediaShare to TV With iOS Phones/Tablets

#1 Step: Download this app on your iPhone or iPad by simply visiting the App Store from your device. Install it properly and return to the app after it is installed.

#2 Step: Open the app from your phone or iPad and let it configure and gather all the media files for you to browse through.

#3 Step: In categories, every media file is displayed. For example, a channel for songs, another for videos, etc. Select the one which you want and start browsing the files you want to play.

#4 Step: All the devices on which one can playback the media is shown to the user. From here just pick one and start streaming media files there.

This is how one can connect iMediaShare to TV. Now that you are aware of it, download the app and start streaming it today for the ultimate experience of watching videos and more.

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