iMediaShare for PC (Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 & Mac) Download Free

If you love watching movies on the big TV screen, then you will definitely love this app. iMediaShare for PC app is revolutionizing the way we watch movies on our devices. Imagine watching all the movies you have on your devices on a big TV screen without making use of any cable.

Thanks to the iMediaShare app, you and your friends won’t block each other the next time you want to watch a movie on YouTube. Instead of making use of your tiny PC screen, you can use this app to transmit the video to your big TV and enjoy it without blocking one another.

This app is not just for watching movies on Big TV screen, it is also designed to enable you to watch media contents such as photo slideshows, on-demand TV, and breaking news from Vimeo and other sources directly on your TV.

iMediaShare app is not just for personal use, business owners can as well find this app very useful. You can use the iMediaShare app to stay updated on current business news such as stock market reports without paying for a subscription. You can easily watch various channels as far as your PCs are connected to a network.

Features of iMediaShare

  • Watch movies from your device on TV
  • Watch movies from your device on game consoles
  • Stream high definition videos from the internet on your TV in real-time
  • Turn your PC into remote control with full playback control functionality
  • Play your photo slideshows on TV
  • Watch channels such as CNN, Discovery, and even sports channel on your TV without subscription.

play music and photos using iMediaShare app on pc

How to Download iMediaShare for PC Windows & Mac

Whether you are using a PC or MAC, you can download the iMediaShare app and watch movies from your computer on TV. Fortunately, you don’t need to pay before you can download the iMediaShare app, you can use the free version. However, if you want more channels and no ads, you can always upgrade to the paid version.

Before you can download the iMediaShare app on your computer (PC and Laptop), you need to have an Android emulator installed on your computer. Since this is a smartphone app, it won’t work unless you install Android emulator.

One good Android emulator app I will recommend for this purpose is BlueStacks. BlueStacks is easy to download, installed, and use. It is compatible with most Windows operating systems and even Mac systems. No matter the version of your operating system. You can download the latest version of “BlueStacks” to install on your computer. Once you complete the installation process, you can go ahead and download the iMediaShare for PC and enjoy streaming movies and photos to your TV.

Installing iMediaShare App on PC or Laptop

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is download BlueStacks. Go to to download this software. It will make your PC to be able to run Android apps.

Step 2:

Install BlueStacks on your computer. The installation process is very straightforward. Just follow the prompts given and you will soon have the BlueStacks all set up and ready for use.

Step 3:

Once the installation is completed, open the software using the windows start menu or click on the software icon on your desktop to open it.

Step 4:

Once BlueStacks is open, link it to a Google account by signing in. This will take just a few minutes to be completed and you are ready to download any Android app you want and run it on your PC or MAC system.

Step 5:

Now that BlueStacks is installed and connected to your Google account. You can search for “iMediaShare app” on the Google Play Store. Once the app shows up, you can easily download it just like you download apps on your smartphone.

download imediashare for pc windows 10 mac

Step 6:

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the iMediaShare app on your Android emulator (BlueStacks), you can open it by clicking on the app icon on your emulator.

Now, make sure that your computer is connected to a network, once this is done, you can share media content in high-definition quality.


Downloading the iMediaShare app on your PC and MAC is pretty straightforward as far as you have Android emulator. This software allows your computer to run apps just like your smartphone would see them.

Once you have BlueStacks or any other Android emulator you want, installed, you can download iMediaShare for PC Windows and Mac. Now you can send all the movies you have on your computer to a TV and enjoy a more relaxed viewing experience.