iMediaShare – Watch Photos, Video & Music from Phone to TV

If you have a smartphone, then you can enjoy playback all the stored things like home videos, photos, movie and lots more. You can enjoy all these things by using an iMediaShare app.

Smart TV support all the latest technologies such as Miracast, DLNA and much more.  iMediaShare enables you to view the stored content in Smart TV through both iOS & Android phones. This amazing app is free to download. It works with Blu-ray players, media boxes, audio systems and lots more.

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Surprisingly, it acts as a remote machine for the Plex installation. It is extremely difficult to share the settings on the TV & find the server. In such a case, the iMediaShare app is an ideal thing for you. By using this app, you can navigate to your favorite player and can directly play it back on your TV.

It is a powerful application that lets you view the wonderful moments you spend with your friends on the big screen. By watching the stored photos on the smartphone to TV, you can really enjoy a lot.

Setting up iMediaShare App

iMediaShare let you watch all the media content from the slideshows, YouTube, and other such providers directly from your smartphone without any hassle. Also, you can watch through other third-party devices including television and gaming consoles.

iMediaShare is much more beneficial in improving the business as it enables you to stay updated on any current business news including Share & stock market reports.

steps to use iMediashare App on phone to TV

Interestingly, setting up iMedia requires no additional cables & hardware. Here is the step by step procedure that helps to configure iMedia.

  • Go to iMediaShare Page, there you can see “Get it Free” link. Simply, tap the link on your Android mobile. When you want to download iMediaShare using a computer or else get apk file from Google Play Store, you should connect an Android phone to the machine.
  • After the installation completed, just tap the icon on your device. Wait a minute to get the source files.
  • Make sure that your phone gets connected to the wifi before the installation process starts.
  • Go to the Gallery and see the photo stored on your device. Tap the Albums, then By Date and then all photos to see your photos.
  • Tap the photo you wish to see. If you want to see a photo using TV, ensure your device is connected to the TV. You can see photo with either TV or other media devices.
  • You can use slideshow settings on your TV to see all the photos naturally.
  • Choose Play Station 3 from iMediaShare apps.
  • Choose Xbox 360 from iMediaShare apps to get more details.

Using iMediaShare App on iPhone

  • Visit to get more details on how to get the app on your iPhone.
  • Download the iOS App from here.
  • iMediaShare supports all types of media format. Makes sure that you have set up the Wi-Fi properly.
  • Select iMediaShare app on your Apple iPhone mobile devices.
  • Go to My photos.
  • Select any folder that contains that desired file.
  • Select the image that you would like to display.
  • Once you have selected, the selected image will be displayed.

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Important Features of iMediaShare App

The new version of the app has a lot of great features in it. The iMediaShare app 1.6 is a premium version which supports all the media devices. These new features enable you to stream all the photo & video on your devices at one go.

download imediashare app apk for android ios

This new version supports Sony and LG connected TVs. Also, this app makes use of some UI changes, which enable faster selection of all the photos on the go. Surprisingly, it has a variety of new features including:

  • Notifications and updates when the server is turned on.
  • You can preview Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook albums.
  • Auto check for updates.
  • Multiple Image selection.

Just go to play store & update the new version.

Download App on Your Devices

As soon as you have configured, install iMediaShare for iOS if you are an iPhone user else install iMediaShare for Android from their stores. Also, you can download beta & test image sharing between PS3 & your connected devices. Sharing the date has become quite easy when you use media devices.  The older version iMediaShare 0.65 doesn’t support Xbox 360. So, you have to update the new version to access all the advanced features.

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How to Access your Media Content?

Accessing the media content is as easy as installing the app on your respective device. Here are the simple steps that help you in accessing the media content on your PC.

  • In order to access your stored media content, you have to launch the iMediaShare application of your devices.
  • Then, you need to go to “Custom,” then click “Home Network.” That’s it. The iMediaShare is about to launch
  • Choose the available Media servers in the list.
  • Choose Windows Media Player
  • The stored content on your PC will be displayed on the PC.

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Just connect a TV to your home Network and start the iMediaShare application on your phone. You can play back all the stored content on your mobile devices on your TV. Simply install these wonderful applications and enjoy the beautiful video and photo moments with your family & friends. This is a must-have app on your smart TV. Never Miss this free app at any time.